Tools of Songwriting Podcast

Episode 9: Analog vs Digital 



In today's episode, I talk about my writing process and the idea of being creative in an analog vs digital way. They're both useful, but I've found, that when I sit down at the computer the ideas can just dry up. Very quickly. I hope you enjoy the episode. More interviews coming soon! 
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Photo by Gritt Zheng

Episode 8: Mindset 



In today's episode, I talk about the amazing book "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol Dweck. I think some of the ideas in that book can be really helpful when you're writing songs. Here is the infographic that I currently have hanging on my wall: 
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Episode 6: Mitchel Evan 



On today's show, we have my friend, Mitchel Evan. He's a Richmond, VA musician who plays solo and with his band Mitchel Evan and the Saboteurs. Mitchel shares some really great insight into his writing process and his journey as a songwriter. I hope you enjoy the episode. He and the band have a brand new album coming out very soon.

Episode 5: Judith Avers 



On today's show, we have my friend, Judith Avers. Judith is one of my favorite people and has really helped me out over the years. Not only in songwriting, but in how to navigate the music business. She's played music all over the place and has even opened up for another one of my favorite songwriters, Josh Ritter. Today we zone in on her songwriting and how her songs have evolved over the last few years. Judith is just as honest in real life as she is in her music. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Episode 4: Jeremy Davis of Elonzo Wesley 



Jeremy Davis fronts the Charlotte, NC band Elonzo Welsey. I lived in Charlotte for 5 years and Elonzo Wesley was one of my favorite bands from that city. Jeremy's soulful southern voice reminds me a little bit of My Morning Jacket with a hint of Bob Dylan during his "Nashville Skyline" phase. Having said that, he and the band truly have a sound all their own. 
Elonzo Wesley 

Episode 3: The Resistance 



The resistance is a term from one of my favorite books The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I was looking at my bookshelf the other day and this book popped out, like it has countless times before. A big part of songwriting is just getting out of your own way. Steven gives the thing that's standing in our way a name. He calls it "The Resistance." It's just those distractions, bad habits, cellphones...really anything that distracts us from doing our work. 

Check out the War of Art here: 
War of Art

Episode 2: Jay Patton 



Today I'm talking with Jay Patton. Jay just released an album back in December called Roots. It's a 7 song EP with some really cool songwriting on it and as usual some really great guitar playing. Jay taught me a lot about guitar when I was first starting out and he's still kind of my sounding board for song ideas, gear advice and random 90's references. I sat down with Jay in his man cave/recording studio to talk about his songwriting process.

Episode 1: Steal Like a Pro 




Today's songwriting tips come from one of my favorite books of all time by Austin Kleon called "Steal Like an Artist" 
I grew up thinking that artists were just completely original and if you borrowed anything from anyone you weren't a real artist. This book argues that there's a correct way to do it. Austin says that if you borrow from many different places then you can really stumble upon something brand new. Setting up these parameters can really lead you to some great ideas that are unique to you. 

Steal Like at Artist by Austin Kleon 
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